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Welcome to my Web Site.                     XL-Plus-2_BkGnd.jpg (109230 bytes)                                    
Let me show you around.                                          Member N.H. Retreads                N.H. ROMEO's    
                                                                                                                           (Retired Old Motorcyclist's Eating Out)                                         

The Motorcycles link has pictures of modifications to my Honda Gold Wing GL1800 showing GPS mounting , Digital and LED voltmeter, Heated gloves connector and control, Low cost LED mirror directional lights,  LED rear mud flap brake lights, Custom saddle bag inserts, Low cost Engine lift, and Broken plastic Tab fix.

One of my other hobbies is Photography. The Photography link shows some examples. Special effects, Scenery, etc.
This link is to my YouTube Videos & Slide shows...  YouTube Videos

One Winter Pass time is building Bird Houses & Feeders. Link to Bird House Page.

I also love to work on my computer. Although it can be quite challenging at times.  

Toyota Prius Hybrid. (An account of ownership of the car for the future)

E-Mail Me At ......  lcp-31-38@comcast.net  

Happy Halloween


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