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My Bikes from 1978 to present

Riding New Hampshire Slide Show        ( Click here if you want to view or copy individual images )

Click on one of the links to see details

    Tying Down a GL1800 / GL1500  on a Trailer:

    LED Rear Mud Flap Brake Lights

    Digital & LED Volt Meters Heated Glove Power

    Low Cost Mirror Directional Lights

    GPS (Garmin GPSMAP60Cs) Mounting

    GPS (Garmin Nuvi750) Mounting

   mp3 Player Mounting

    Other Modifications to my GL1800

    Modifications to some of my other bikes.

    Modification Schematics

    Links Page ( Listing of addresses of interest to GL1800 owners)

   Frame Weld Pictures

   Bike Trailer

   My 1990 NX250 Dual Purpose Bike

   Tips, Tricks, Maintenance info

   Air Filter & Tire Wear at 23,700 miles

  Heated Clothing Installation

  Removing A Disk from CD Changer

  RAM Mounts for Nuvi 550

  Digital camera mount on R.H. Handlebar  (PDF file)

  My 2011 Kawasaki KLR650

My 2017 Yamaha XT250







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