Custom Side Luggage Frames

These frames were constructed from 1/2" EMT pipe.
Steel Corner Brackets (5"x5")

Bending EMT Pipe

Building Instructions (pdf file)

One leg of the corner brackets were cut to 1- 1/4"
the other left at 5"
The mounting holes were reamed out to fit the rack mounting bolts.
Original Rack mtg. bolts replaced with bolts 1/2" longer than originals.

Following images show finished rack painted with aluminum paint.



{ Click on thumbnail to enlarge.}

From Left - to - Right
                        {Top Mtg. to Rack}        {Foot Peg Brace}              {Peg Brace to Frame}    (Frames removed 3 Mtg. Bolts}
DSCN2633 (CC800x600)).JPG (101613 bytes)                DSCN2635(800x600).JPG (231549 bytes)                DSCN2634(800x600).JPG (214303 bytes)                DSCN1052(800x600).jpg (157998 bytes)